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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Target Trendspotting - Geek Chic

I buy everything from tomatoes to toothpaste and towels at Target, but I especially love browsing their women's apparel department. Long gone are the days of Target being several seasons behind on the fashion trend cycle; nowadays they've got their finger firmly on the fashion pulse. 

I rarely leave the store without a new item of clothing, shoes, or an accessory. In fact, I find myself constantly checking for new arrivals and styling outfits with their on-trend selection of merchandise. So it's only natural that I'm launching this new "Target Trendspotting" feature on Fashion Trend Guide, in which I'll be sharing head-to-toe Target outfit ideas based upon different themes and trends. 

If you enjoy this feature or have any specific style themes or outfit occasions you'd like me to tackle (eg. what to wear to a concert or how to style a printed blazer), tweet me @thekeytochic.

First up is Geek Chic. Message tees are popping up at every price point, and they are a fun way to express yourself. I dressed up this "chic geek" T-shirt with a sporty pencil skirt, studded heels, and a jeweled baseball hat. For extra style points and added polish, tuck the shirt into the skirt, pull your hair into a low and loose chignon, and wear cranberry-colored lipstick.

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Shop the look: 
1. rhinestone hat
2. chic geek tee 
3. faux leather trim skirt
4. studded pumps