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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Trend On the Rise - Beautiful Ballerina

With the recent release of Black Swan, in which Natalie Portman portrays a psychologically tortured prima ballerina clad in Rodarte-designed costumes, it's no wonder that ballerina-inspired styles are taking a lead role this winter. Having seen the movie, which I highly recommend, I'm inspired by the pale pink, gray, and white color palette that Portman's character Nina wears throughout the movie. Not to mention the ultra feminine chignons, leg warmers, tulle, and tutus that epitomize the typical ballerina's costume. In keeping with ballet-inspired style, here are six windows filled with tulle, ruffles, and muted hues that I shot this month.

gray ballerina dress

gray ballerina dress

satin two-tone dress

Forever 21 gray tulle skirt

petal-sleeved dress

peach ruffled dress