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Monday, August 3, 2009

How To Wear Bleached/Distressed Denim

Denim. It's the cornerstone of my wardrobe and I just can't live without it. Luckily for denim lovers like myself, this wardrobe staple gets reinvented each season. Bleached, distressed denim is this season's answer to last summer's boyfriend jeans. Whether you decide to DIY or buy a pair that's already treated or tie-dyed, the look is a casual update with lots of attitude and a decidedly rock 'n roll edge. When it comes to executing the trend, here are a few tips I've found to be helpful, so why not share with my readers...

Do: Keep the fit skinny and the rise low if you're going for a modern version. For maximum attitude, pair the denim with a leather vest or jacket, and jewelry embellished with studs, spikes, or skulls. This summer, my favorite way to glam up any outfit for nighttime is with embellished heels. The more straps, studs, or ruffles, the better. Strappy platforms, studded high heeled sandals, or aggressive ankle boots will dress up bleached denim and make it dance floor appropriate (if your feet can handle it). To show off the footwear, bunch the jeans up a bit at the ankle or roll the hems.

Don't: Pair bleached denim with busy patterned tops such as florals, sublimated prints, or tribal prints, as they'll compete with the denim. Avoid overly feminine blouses and opt for simple, streamlined tops to maintain focus on the jeans. Vintage rocker tees and crisp blazers will add a modern, polished vibe to the look. For a rocker-inspired Balmainian take, add a band vest or military-style jacket, or a top with a strong-shouldered silhouette.