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Friday, June 6, 2008

For The Love Of Accessories

With a relatively new line of Men's clothing and a collection of accessories called For Love 21, my favorite southern California-based cheap chic retailer, Forever 21, is gradually evolving into a lifestyle brand. As I browsed the new For Love 21 site, I noticed that they expanded their normal accessories line to include items such as luggage tags, cosmetic bags, watches, books, small gifts, and pins. Over the years, I've acquired quite a collection of necklaces and rings from Forever 21, but I admit to rarely buying their handbags, earrings, or belts. As someone who loves to occasionally splurge on of-the-moment, inexpensive accessories, I'm looking forward to seeing what the line has to offer. In addition to their expanding accessories, I have also noticed a growing selection of footwear in many of the Forever 21 stores that I have visited over the past few months. While the selection can vary greatly from store to store, it pays to peek around and check the floor displays or under the clothing racks, as the footwear is not always merchandised in the most compelling way. Below are some of my best picks from the For Love 21 collection.

For Love 21 accessories Forever 21 1. Luggage tag, $9.80, 2. 1001 Ways To Save The Earth book, $9.80, 3. Cotton cap, $8.80, 4. Color thread teardrop earrings, $5.80, 5. Fern pin, $6.80.

Photo credit: forever21.com

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