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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What To Wear - A Summer Casual Friday

Office dress codes - I often despise them due to their restrictions and their outdated views on fashion. Sure, I understand that they help promote a professional-looking environment and keep safety issues in mind. But sometimes on a hot summer day a girl wants to wear high-heeled sandals, especially if she's sitting at a desk all day! And despite what some dress codes may dictate, shorts, like the ones pictured below, can be professional/appropriate for the right age group (perhaps a woman under 35 or with great legs) without being too revealing. With this anti-dress code sentiment in mind, I've created the perfect summer outfit for a southern California casual Friday.casual Friday outfit

Pictured above (all items from Old Navy):
1. Aviators, $7.50
2. Striped puff-sleeved shirt, $24.50
3. Multi-stone beaded necklace, $11.55
4. Clean-front shorts, $11.70
5. Platform sandals, $19.99

Images from oldnavy.com

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