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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Good News For San Francisco

So I've been browsing Craig's List and it looks like Canadian retailer Aritzia is coming to San Francisco! They already have a store in the San Jose area, which I wish I had known about when I was there last month. I shopped at Aritzia when I went to Vancouver on vacation, and although I didn't buy anything, I'm excited about this news. If you're not familiar with Aritzia, they're a little bit like Planet Funk or Metropark in southern California. They sell a wide variety of trendy designer denim, fun tops, and stylish apparel geared toward fashion-conscious twenty and thirty-somethings.

By the way, I'll be back in San Francisco next week, and I hope to do some great winter sale/pre-spring shopping! I welcome any suggestions for great restaurants and ultra lounges in Union Square or Soma.