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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Under My Umbrella

Today at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, the stylish gals were traveling in pairs. Trend alert - I observed many women with a parasol or umbrella in hand. Of all the times that I've frequented the flea market, I have never seen so many people with an umbrella. Perhaps they're like me and will do anything to shade themselves from the harsh effects of the sun's rays. In any case, umbrellas make a pretty fashion accessory!

Los Angeles street style The bright yellow umbrella on the left adds contrast to the black dress, while the interesting sunglasses on both ladies lend a stylish flair to their outfits. These smart ladies definitely know how to use great accessories to shade themselves from the blazing sun.

Los Angeles street style It's hard to see, but the girl on the left is wearing the sequin beret I coveted from Urban Outfitters. Tres chic! I adore the black moccasins and breezy shorts/shirt combo on the girl on the right.