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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tempted by Temperley

If you're like me and you rushed to your nearest Target store to inspect the Alice Temperley line, you probably noticed an abundance of ruffles, bows, feminine printed dresses, and lots of crepe (polyester) fabric. From the images on Target's website, the merchandise looked a tad bland and so-so. Overall, however, I am pleased with the collection after having seen it in person. So far it's my favorite of all the GO designers. It's much better in person, as the details don't photograph so well. I was impressed when I noticed that the in-store promotional signage was much more prominent than with the previous GO designers. The print ads feature a British castle and a Victorian-looking interior that contributes greatly to the appeal of the charming and dainty pieces in the GO collection.

Notable pieces in the collection include some knee-length "jodhpurs" which I would hesitate to call jodhpurs. True jodhpurs are slimmer in the lower thigh and knee area and have more volume in the hip area. They're cute though, and have pleats down the front of the leg. They come in dark blue or black. I adore the ruffled Victorian bouses and the transparent blouses with the bows that tie at the neck. My favorite piece is the melton wool ruffled capelet that comes in blue or in ivory. (It's the one featured in the ads with a pink and white striped shirt layered underneath.) I bought it in blue, as it's my favorite color. I know I'll be wearing this a lot this season.

Temperley for Target
I also bought the denim overalls, which run small. I like the halter styling and the adjustable belt-like feature in the lower back - it creates a sexy cutout area just above the pant waistline and allows for a snug, tailored fit.

Temperley for Target
I also bought the gray high neck Victorian blouse with puffy sleeves and a peplum waist. It has cuffed sleeves, a banded neck, and looks much more expensive than its $29.99 price tag. I'll pair it with a cropped vest, cameo brooches, or even the Temperley denim overalls pictured above.
Temperley for Target
Although many of the pieces in the collection were in neutral shades of ivory, black, gray, or navy, there were some touches of color in the form of a bright pink T-shirt, a lemon yellow, gray, and white striped long-sleeved T-shirt, a coral pointelle sweater vest, and a cheery graphic print dress. Being a fan of color, I found the collection easy to shop because almost every item can be mixed and matched together for infinite possibilities.

Temperley for Target
Front and back views of the denim overalls, $39.99.

Temperley for Target The blue melton wool capelet/jacket, $44.99. It's so soft! As a plus, it has a playful blue and black polka-dot satin lining, and I'm tempted to go buy one in ivory.

Temperley for Target
The gray Victorian blouse, $29.99. This picture doesn't do it justice. I paired it with a faux shearling and suede vest and a cameo necklace.

Photo credit: target.com/go