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Monday, May 21, 2007

Castle Fashion

Warwick Castle View from the top of a tower at Warwick Castle, England

Warwick Castle Dressing parlours inside Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle Warwick Castle is a beautiful medieval castle in the English countryside. Inside are intricately decorated bedrooms, a dining hall, state rooms, a chapel, a smoking room, dressing parlours, a library, and a dark dungeon. The castle also has beautiful rose gardens, two towers, a mound, and a river flowing nearby. I climbed a dark, narrow staircase five stories to take the photograph at the top of the tower. The view was breathtaking. It stood in stark contrast to the cramped, dark dungeon that I will never forget. There were engravings from former prisoners in the 17th century stating their names and dates of their imprisonment. In a tiny alcove, there was a small basement area where some unfortunate prisoners were dropped down and then forgotten about. They also had contraptions made out of chains from which they hung prisoners until their remains rotted completely away. How morbid!! It's odd to think that you are visiting a space in which so many amazing things happened! It's a castle I will never forget!