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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vegas Style Part 1

I was able to do some shopping in Las Vegas this week, where they have a gargantuan H&M at Caesars Palace and an oversized Forever 21 at the Fashion Show mall.  Naturally, Vegas has an array of sparkly party dresses, eye-catching store displays, and on-trend merchandise, especially since many of the stores are of flagship quality.  All of the spring trends were well represented in each store: color blocking, Native American prints, neons, sheers fabrics, nautical looks, etc.  Here are some displays and items that caught my eye, and more photos will be posted in the coming days, so watch this space.

Las Vegas shopping, Bebe sequin and feather party dresses

Bebe party dresses

Las Vegas shopping, Sarah Ball pink cottage blouse, photo print top at Anthropologie

A photo print top spotted at Anthropologie

Las Vegas H&M Caesars Palace

Above and below, the H&M visuals at Caesars Palace

Las Vegas H&M Caesars Palace

Forever 21 Las Vegas display

A garden-inspired display at Forever 21

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