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Sunday, September 18, 2011

We Wit It L.A. Presents EmergeLA

EmergeLA Sept 30, 2011

We Wit It L.A. presents its L.A. fashion week kickoff event, which will take place on Friday, September 30th at the Holding Co. in Silverlake. A diverse lineup will be presented consisting of emerging talents in fashion/music/art including Ballerina Black, Under The Table Clothing, and creative genius Ngene Mwaura.

The We Wit It L.A. team describes EmergeLA as: “A party in the name of discovery showcasing a new crop of emerging indie Los Angeles artists in fashion/music/art. It will provide an experience enriched with creative juices allowing the public to witness the birth of future legends.”

EmergeLA is set to be a monthly event produced by the We Wit It L.A. team, whose members are considered the new generation of the L.A. social scene, and whose goal is to find tomorrow's industry leaders and bring them together in an exciting, creative and visually stimulating environment. Each EmergeLA event will showcase a different group of talent, exposing all participants to numerous creative and networking avenues.

The lineup, sponsored by One Coconut Water and Pop Chips, features great artist like the DUBSTEP guru DJ Boogi and grunge/pop trio Ballerina Black. In spirit of LA Fashion Week we’re featuring Juilan Kate’s brand Under the Table Clothing, along with many other great rising brands. We top it off with numerous live artists performing their craft, including Kenyan native Ngene Mwaura.

What: EmergeLA, Emerging L.A. Artist Party

Who: We Wit It L.A. Team, Dj Boogi, Buffalo Electric, A-roc & Blaze, Alysse Fischer, El Beso Negro, ShadowRunners, Dj SRSLY, Dances With Wolves, PBC, Ballerina Black, Vintage Manifesto, NativeLAm The Local Tourist Spot, As Is, Anthony Fuentes, AHH’d, Arkind, Cstar Just Rule, Meirav Haber, Jennifer Korsen, Funky Circus, Ngene Mwaura

Sponsors: Pop Chips, One Coconut Water, Newestra, Da Bidnez, L.A. Phun, HM Soundsystem

Photos: Young & Sleek, Jason Loves Life

When: Friday September 30th, 9pm-3am

Where: Holding Co. 3213 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA ,90057

RSPV: Facebook

Contact Info: Chris Blackwell, wewititla@gmail.com