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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oh Say Can You See

I love fashion trends, and most of the time, I love the country I live in. So what better way to express both loves than with the Americana trend that gained strength when Kate Bosworth wore that (now iconic) Topshop tee to Coachella last month? Ironically, I found a similar American flag tank top in London, of all places. (Don't worry Brits, I love your country too, and I'm currently looking for a Union Jack version.) My American flag print collection now numbers three pieces: the flag shirt, a reversible bikini top I just picked up at Target, and my Jeffrey Campbell Foxy heels in stars and stripes. In case you're wondering, the flower garland is from Dorothy Perkins, and surprisingly, it receives a fair share of compliments, while also making me look like a bit like the flower child I never was.

Americana American flag fashion trend Jeffrey Campbell Foxy stars and stripes

Don't worry, I won't be wearing more than one flag piece at a time, and I probably won't wear them on the 4th of July, either...too predictable.