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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fruits Of My Labor

To say that I've developed an obsession with Prada and Stella McCartney-inspired fruit prints may be an understatement. Recent trips to the fabric store for simple sewing projects have proven to be quite expensive. There I discovered tons of fruit print fabric (everything from apples and bananas to pomegranates and oranges) which sell for the not-so-affordable price of $10 per yard. My first project was a banana print tank top, and then I made a short-sleeved tee with the orange print. (This past weekend I continued my sewing with some lemon print shorts, which aren't pictured.) Rounding out my selection of fruit prints are my new shorts from River Island, a nightgown (and potential day dress) by Nick & Nora from Target, and my beloved new Jeffrey Campbell Fruitbowl pumps. If there are any JC fans out there looking for fit information on these shoes, the Fruitbowl pumps run true to size, have a 5" heel with a 2" platform, and are the most comfortable pumps I own. (I don't generally wear pumps because I don't find them comfortable for my feet, but these are incredible.) This whole fruit print trend is one which I find quite refreshing and perfect for summer.

fruit print trend Jeffrey Campbell Fruit Bowl pumps platforms heels