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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spring 2011 European Footwear - Part 1

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend. As promised, here is Part 1 of my footwear photos from London and Rome. Admittedly, while in Rome, I found it difficult to walk gracefully on the uneven and ancient (but charming) cobblestone streets, and I stared in awe and admiration at the small number of women who navigated such streets with ease while wearing heels. All this while wearing my very functional and practical Nikes, which are just about the only thing I'd trust my clumsy feet to walk in while treading miles of unfamiliar streets when I'm on vacation. Now that I'm back home, I have a new apprecaition for suburban sidewalks and newly paved streets, and I'm back to wearing my 5" wedges and 6" heels wth platforms. Part 2 coming very soon...

leopard flower pumps

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Next floral flower wedges

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Next pink cork sandals

Primark London shoe display summer shoes

Re Mishelle shoes Rome

crystal platform pump