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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Roaming in Rome

Ciao! My absence from Fashion Trend Guide can be explained by a short trip to Rome and London earlier this month. Although I'm quite jet lagged and still recovering from the 8-9 hour time difference, I wanted to post a few of my favorite photos. Highlights from the trip include: exploring and getting lost in the endless piazzas and narrow, cobblestone streets of Rome, touring the Vatican along with over 25,000 other people last Friday, window shopping on Via del Corso (Rome's best shopping street, in my opinion), exploring the creepy catacombs outside of Rome, managing not to get hit while crossing the streets in Rome, buying an array of European fashion magazines, enjoying the gorgeous gardens and fountains of the Villa d'Este, avoiding the crowds at the Trevi Fountain, and shopping both the Kensington and Oxford High streets until exhaustion in London. Expect lots of store window photos and European trend reports to come soon.

airplane view

Italian countryside Tivoli

Hadrian's Villa

Piazza de Popolo

Roman Colosseum

Tiber River

Trevi Fountain

Tivoli Villa d' Este

view from Villa d' Este Tivoli

Vatican ceiling

Spanish Steps

Campo de Fiore fruit cup