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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shades Made for the Sun

In recent weeks I've discovered that the geometric print hooded poncho that I impulsively bought at Forever 21 in January has become an unexpected and highly valued wardrobe staple for yours truly at Fashion Trend Guide. I admit that upon purchasing it, I didn't give much thought to how and where I'd wear it. I was drawn to the fun print and easy silhouette. Fortunately, it's become one of those go-to pieces that I find easy to throw on and head out the door, especially when I'm running errands. Likewise, I'm predicting that my new polarized Ray-Ban Wayfarers courtesy of the kind folks at ShadesDaddy will become equally as indispensable, especially for running errands, taking the dog for walks, and for my frequent long distance bike rides. With all the inexpensive and disposable sunglasses that I've purchased over the years, I feel like I've been missing out on what a quality pair of sunglasses feels and looks like. Not only are the polarized Wayfarers sturdy and comfortable, but everything just looks more bright and beautiful with them on. After wearing them on a dog walk, I observed that through their tinted lenses, the sky looked more blue and the grass appeared greener. Now that spring is officially here, I can't wait for more sunny days so I can wear them.


Wearing faux fur cossack and poncho from Forever 21 and Ray-Ban Wayfarers from ShadesDaddy


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