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Monday, March 7, 2011

10 Things To Do In Palm Springs

I took no less than 268 photos during my short time in Palm Springs last week, and I want to share a few more of my favorites here. Fortunately, daytime temperatures were just about perfect, while nighttime dressing required a light jacket; it seems that I picked the ideal time of year to visit. With summer temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees, I don't plan on visiting between May and September. The hotel had a small pool with stunning hillside views and cozy cabanas. With all of the pretty scenery and outdoor pursuits that the area has to offer, I can see why so many people choose to retire and vacation there. I'm already making a list of ten things I want to do the next time I visit Palm Springs:

1. Hike in one of the nearby canyons
2. Go horseback riding in one of the canyons
3. Indulge and relax in the hot mineral springs
4. Visit The Living Desert
5. Engage in some people watching from the patio of a downtown restaurant
6. Visit the Thurday night street fair downtown
7. Browse art galleries and home furnishings boutiques
8. Find some thrift stores
9. Ride the Aerial Tramway again and go hiking at the top
10. Enjoy a mid-century architecture tour

Palm Springs Hyatt Regency pool view

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway view

Palm Springs street

Palm Springs blotchy lizard

Palm Springs store interior

silver sequin pumps

Michael Weems Collection