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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Salon Effects Minus the Salon

Confession: besides being obsessed with shoes and fashion trends, I'm enamored with nail polish. I probably have over forty bottles of laquer in my collection, and I often mix my own custom hues when inspired to do so. While browsing a fashion blog last week, I stumbled upon an intriguing new product by Sally Hansen called Salon Effects. It's basically nail polish strips (or a more affordable D.I.Y. version of Minx) that are applied almost like stickers and come in various prints and colors. After reading several blogger reviews and watching three tutorials, I decided to hunt them down at Target and CVS. After an unsuccessful afternoon of shopping, I ended up buying the Kitty Kitty (leopard print) ones on eBay. My intention was to recreate the leopard print manicure I first attempted by hand in October 2009.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Kitty Kitty

Two days later, I was the proud owner of a new nail kit that included a cuticle stick, mini file, buffer, and sixteen nail polish strips in a metallic leopard print. Having no experience with nail polish strips, I was able to easily follow the 5-step instructions, and 29 minutes later, my manicure was complete. I only used five of the sixteen strips, since my nails are so short that each strip could be used twice (which takes care and precision not to tear the strips in the wrong place). If I'm careful, I should be able to get 2 more manicures out of this box.

As I type this, it's been three days since application, and I'm amazed to report that there is no lifting, peeling, or chipping at this point. (I can rarely get two to three chip-free days out of regular nail polish with a base and top coat, so this is truly impressive.) In addition, it's just as shiny as it was the first day, and has held up nicely through all of the housework and typing that I do on a daily basis. I believe the strips retail for about $10, and as soon as my local Target or drugstore stocks them, I'll be buying them in multiples.

leopard manicure