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Monday, January 10, 2011

Rose Bowling

In an unusually busy weekend that involved watching Kathy Griffin live, celebrating my cousin's birthday, and taking home a new road bike, I somehow managed to get to Pasadena for the monthly Rose Bowl flea market. Shortly after arriving, I lost count of the fur jackets, cutoff Levi's, faux LV bags, vintage cowboy boots, antique chandeliers, and varsity jackets. Sometime between my last Rose Bowl visit and this one, the number of vendors seems to have increased dramatically. Now all they have to do is improve the food options (in a healthier way) to go beyond the junk food that prevails there. Sometimes kettle corn, pretzels, hot dogs, tri tip, or churros are not sensible lunch options for me. At any rate, I munched on the apples and blueberries I brought from home, and then photographed a few items that inspired me, including some Jeffrey Campbell shoe porn. As a shoe addict, I couldn't resist photographing one of the very few shoppers who was not wearing Uggs.

Rose Bowl flea market

vintage boots

multi-colored fur coat

vintage belts

Navajo print jackets

vintage leather messenger bags

antique tricycle

vintage crystal glass doorknobs

Jeffrey Campbell Jump wedges