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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Black Magic

black lace maxi skirt

Forever 21 Miu Miu heels

Forever 21 Miu Miu heels

As 2011 gets off to a start, I find myself developing a new affinity for block heel platforms. While I typically reserve my limited shoe space for boots and wedges, I've already purchased three pairs of block heels this year, two of which were deeply discounted. Could it be that I'm finally starting to kick my wedge addiction? (No pun intended.)

Having grown accustomed to the sturdy and solid nature of my five and six inch wedges, I'm practically learning how to walk in real heels all over again. Taking inspiration from both Miucca and Marc's recent collections, I'm attempting to channel a 1950's vibe with a lace maxi skirt and towering 5.5" heels from that age-old favorite, Forever 21.