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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Although the prevalent southern California sun would have me believe that it's still summer, it feels like winter is in full swing with the mall crowds, holiday parties, and festive decorations everywhere I turn. As much as I despise battling holiday shoppers during December, it's one of the best months for shooting store windows, since retailers attempt to lure in the crowds with glitzy, eye-catching displays. Since it's also party season, there's no shortage of pretty, shiny objects on display. From patent pumps and sequin clutches to cozy boots and sparkly necklaces, there are myriad gift ideas and colorful accessories (as shown in my seven most recent store window photos) for keeping the winter blues at bay. So tell me, who is done with their holiday shopping? Unfortunately, I'm not. I predict a few more trips to Target in my near future...

platform pumps

lace handbag

lace and patent platform pumps

metallic ruffle slingbacks

moccasin boots

pink sequin top and handbag

flower necklace