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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Perfect Pairings

red jeans + leopard jacket

leopard faux fur jacket

red jeans + black wedges

suede lace-up wedges

Like classic black pumps and a sheath dress, or a vintage concert tee and leather moto jacket, I believe that some pieces just go together perfectly. An example of such a fashion pairing for me is the leopard print and red combination. It could be red lipstick and a leopard print cossack, a red handbag and chiffon leopard secretary blouse, or some red jeans and a faux fur leopard print jacket, as I'm wearing. Taking inspiration from Isabel Marant's cropped red pants, I dug up some old red jeans from the depths of my closet and cuffed them. Since we're having a brief respite from the rain, I took my new Topshop wedges for a test spin to break them in. After an hour on my feet shopping for groceries and then lugging the shopping bags up a steep flight of stairs, I'm happy to report that they're both stable and comfortable despite being a vertiginous five inches.