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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Love for Lanvin

Call me crazy, I'm guilty as charged. You see, on Friday night, I decided to sacrifice a night of sleep in the name of fashion, namely Lanvin ♥ H&M. (Only for your floral frocks, sketched tees, and leopard pumps, Alber!)

After seeing the increasing amount of listings and inflated prices for Lanvin ♥ H&M on eBay, I've confirmed that it was well worth it to wait in line and shop the collection early on Saturday morning. The staff at the Beverly Center store was well organized and prepared for the crowds. We were allowed into the mall three hours before the store opened, so we had the luxury of being indoors and having access to coffee and restrooms. I was surprised to notice that the majority of shoppers appeared to be younger than I was expecting - most were probably under 25. Having only shopped the Matthew Williamson and Sonia Rykiel for H&M collections (both of which were not nearly as popular in southern California as Lanvin), I was new to the frenzy. I quickly ascertained that the trick to getting what you want once inside the store is to chat with other shoppers, take their discards, and trade with others who are willing. Most importantly, I advise being patient because there are lots of lines: fitting room lines, lines to get into the special shopping area, and more lines to trade sizes with the employees. In the end, I didn't get everything on my list, however, if I had lingered around the aforementioned lines, I might have been able to trade.

In the spare time I had after receiving my wristband (I was approximately 65th in line for the 4th shopper group), I photographed the windows and admired some of my favorite pieces: the floral puff shoulder dress, the sunglasses, and the leopard pumps.

Lanvin h&M wristbands colors

Lanvin H&M tuxedo and leopard t-shirt

Lanvin H&M sunglasses

Lanvin H&M leopard clutch

lanvin H&M pink chandelier necklace

Lanvin H&M asymmetrical flower dress

Lanvin H&M red tulle dress

Lanvin H&M window display