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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cozy Country

When I hear the words "cozy country" with regards to fashion, a few things come to mind: chunky Fair Isle knits, lots of neutral hues (such as ivory, chestnut, beige, and charcoal), lace-up hiking boots, plaid prints, wool sweaters, faux fur trim, and chunky scarves. Such pieces are ideal for my romantic daydream of hanging out with a cup of tea in a cottage in the English countryside, shielded from the rain and cool air with thick yet comfortable layers and idyllic surroundings. To complete my I'm-just-relaxing-in-my-country-cottage reverie, I'm gazing through my bay window at my rose garden, listening to raindrops pelt the roof, and petting my retriever while languidly perusing interior design magazines. Until this dream becomes a reality, however, I can pretend by simply dressing the part. Below are some store displays I shot this month that best conjure up the cozy country look that I crave.

lace-up boots

wool coat and sweater

plaid skirt and fur trim sweater

lace-up boots

Fair Isle sweater

Xhilaration faux shearling jacket