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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ladylike Luxe

During a recent shopping excursion I ogled a plethora of faux fur vests, sequin party tops, faux shearling jackets, and high heeled hiking boots. The one trend that stood out the most amongst all the things I browsed, however, was the return to ladylike dressing. Prim and proper details such as puffy sleeves on jackets, super feminine ruffles, full skirts with longer hemlines, and sumptuous fabrics best describe this rebellion against the flashy rock and roll inspired looks that have prevailed for the past few seasons. As someone who loves a studded jacket, glossy leggings, or glamorous pair of embellished ankle boots, even I have to confess that this movement toward a more modest and refined look is quite a refreshing change of pace. Below are four of my favorite ladylike looks as put on display by Nordstrom.

little black dress

ruffled blouse

bow shoulder brocade dress

puffy sleeve evening jacket