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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cold Case

As the end of October draws near, I'm zoning in on the ideal pieces for fall: plaid capes, dark floral prints, pom pom beanies and trapper hats, anything with a leopard print, shaggy faux fur vests, and party-appropriate sequin tops and dresses. I try to approach fall and winter with the attitude that colder weather means more opportunities for layering and getting creative with accessories. Although many people in southern California still wear shorts, tees, and flip flops when temperatures drop, I actually relish the chance to get cozy with hats, chunky scarves, layered tights, and tons of faux fur. Perhaps it's the childhood memories I have of getting caught in snowstorms and being bundled up in endless layers. Cold weather does not mean that you have to sacrifice style, and I think these store windows photos illustrate that.

plaid cape

floral jacket

knit hat

leopard faux fur jacket

white shaggy faux fur vest

sequin wave dress