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Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Day of Fashion Week

The fact that I found the perfect Burberry-inspired aviator jacket today almost makes up for not being at NYFW. All the Twitter coverage, the live streaming shows, and endless updates available online allow for a vicarious experience. In between being glued to my iPhone for NYFW coverage and browsing the fall looks at Zara, I managed to photograph a few of their windows. Key looks included: belted sweaters and shearling coats, military jackets, rust-hued florals, ankle boots embellished with buckles and straps, mid-calf skirts, canvas two-tone bags, sweater capes, and plenty of shearling jackets. I declare myself officially ready for fall. Let sweater weather begin.

Zara shearling jacket

pleated mid-calf skirt

canvas satchel

Zara sweater

fall floral dress

plaid coat

shearling jacket

military coat

cropped military jacket