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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fog City Photo Diary

My absence from the blog the past few days can be explained by a short trip to San Francisco. Fortunately, the weather was warm and pleasant upon my arrival, providing the ideal backdrop for outdoor activities and photos. Highlights include: catching a Bob Dylan performance just minutes before it began, walking down Lombard Street, scoring two Quontum dresses at the LF sale for $36 each, discovering a new cupcake shop, visiting MoMA for the second time, and stocking up on international fashion magazines at Fog City News. I also did a fair share of shopping, naturally, and I'll be posting store window photos soon.

Hwy 101

Hwy 101

Union Square San Francisco

view of Union Square from the hotel

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Lombard Street

bottom of Lombard St.


cupcakes from That Takes the Cake

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan at the Warfield

cable car

cable car near Lombard St.

hot chocolate

hot chocolate from the Rooftop Terrace at MoMA