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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fixated On Fall

Although summer in southern California seems to last well into the month of October, I'm already hunting for what I've deemed to be my fall staples: faux fur-trimmed jackets, maxi dresses in drab olive and gray hues, lace-up hiking boots, lace skater dresses and lace crop tops, camel coats, capes, slouchy skinny jeans, Fair Isle knits, subversive-looking knuckle rings, and almost anything with a leopard print. What I look forward to most about cooler weather on the horizon is the opportunity to experiment with layers, textures, and new trends. Recent shopping trips have yielded a few more store window photos to serve as inspiration for potential future purchases.

faux fur vest

graphic print dress

fringed top

rosette dress

ruffled lace top

lace skirt