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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Living In A Material World

Having idolized Madonna's style as a youngster in the '80s, it's unlikely that I'm the target demographic for her new Material Girl line at Macy's. When I first viewed images from the campaign on nitro:licious, nothing really stood out to me as novel or inspiring. That was until I saw these two pages in Seventeen. (I'm not ashamed to admit that I occasionally read the teenage-targeted magazine, since inspiration can come from almost anywhere and I admire the affordable pieces they feature.)

Having recently scoured the internet and local shops to find the perfect skinny cargo pants, I was drawn to the ones in Seventeen's Material Girl feature due to the accessory-heavy styling. I own those Topshop two-tone boots that are paired with the cargos, and I can easily envision wearing this entire outfit myself, minus the necklace, which isn't part of the collection anyway.

Material Girl Macy's

above: tank top, $22, cargo pants, $28, studded jacket, $78, dress, $15

Although my search for skinny cargo pants ended with the purchase of a pair by Union Bay, I'm nonetheless intrigued by the ones in the Material Girl line. I expect to be browsing the goods when the collection, which was inspired by Madonna's daughter, Lola, hits the racks on August 3rd. I'm actually most curious about the jewelry, which includes some of the rings pictured below. If anything catches my eye, I'll be reporting back with photos and perhaps a mini review.

Material Girl Macy's

above: lace top, $25, studded skirt, $22

Material Girl jewelry

images from Seventeen and materialgirlcollection.com

*Edit - As I was preparing this post, I received an email with more information about the line and some southern California events to celebrate the debut.

The first event will be at 10 am at Macy's in the Glendale Galleria. The first 200 customers in line for the launch will receive a complimentary bandeau from the Material Girl collection. Everyone is encouraged to come dressed in their Madonna best because a DJ from KIIS-FM will be hold three contests to win a Madonna autographed item: a trivia quiz, look-a-like contest, and a dance-off.

Later that day, there's another launch event at the Macy's in South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. The first 200 customers will receive a complimentary bandeau from the Material Girl collection, as well as a $10 gift card to start their shopping. The afternoon event in Costa Mesa starts at 1pm and you can expect dancers, treats, and special gifts.