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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ice Cream Colors

Few things inspire me more than a flip through one of my style scrapbooks. Back in 2000, I began collecting magazine clippings and pages of things I liked. Ten years and hundreds of magazines and catalogs later, I'm on my twelfth style scrapbook. I like to think of each scrapbook as a personal magazine of fashion, hair and makeup looks that I've compiled. Anything from a color story or a page out of an Alloy catalog to the lighting of an Elle photoshoot could catch my eye.

As I browsed through my eleventh scrapbook, two pages in particular came to my attention, since both featured pastels. Sorbet shades, candy colors, chalky, muted hues, or whatever you want to call them - they seem so perfect for bright summer days like today. Perhaps it's because they call to mind scrumptious ice cream flavors and remind me of cooling off after an afternoon of swimming in my parents' pool. Whether it's a dress the shade of mint chip ice cream, a nail polish the color of strawberry sorbet, or a draped top reminiscent of French vanilla frozen yogurt, pastels are at the top of my wish list for summer.

pastel fashion trend

pastel fashion trend

images from British Elle