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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On A Quest For Quontum

While browsing at LF in Santa Barbara this month, I came upon a few body con dresses unlike any I've seen before. Not for the faint at heart, they boasted short hemlines, slinky silhouettes, strategically placed mesh inserts, and bold neon strappy details reminiscent of swimwear. It was just enough detail to make them stand apart from the myriad bandage dresses that have reached their peak on the trend cycle. A quick glance at the label and I saw that they were made by Quontum, a brand I'd never heard of. (Gotta love LF for stocking those up-and-coming British labels.) Another quick glance, and disappointment - $172 for a Quontum dress - they were beyond my budget. A few days later, I received a Topshop email featuring a few Quontum dresses priced in the $98-$110 range, some of them the same as the ones I'd admired at LF. Now that Quontum was clearly positioned on my style radar, I was determined to find out more about them and seek out the best price. Not shockingly, going straight to the source offered both the best selection and prices. Now the toughest part is deciding which dress to buy.

Quontum dresses

images from topshop.com and quontumuk.com