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Friday, June 4, 2010

Mesmerized By Madewell

In all of the time that I've spent shopping, I've yet to encounter a Madewell store. (If I get the chance, however, I'll visit one this week.) For those that don't know about the brand, it's an offshoot of J. Crew, but with a strong focus on denim. Further increasing its cool factor with the twenty-something demographic, Alexa Chung has recently designed for the brand. After a brief glance of the website, I was struck by how well they've styled simple basics such as the sweatshorts/camisole/blazer combo and the boyfriend jeans/cardigan/oxford shoes combo. While both looks are casual, they also manage to be sophisticated and on-trend in an appealing way. If anyone has experiences or thoughts to share about Madewell stores and their merchandise, feel free to share.

Madewell blazer and sweatshorts

Madewell boyfriend jeans

images via madewell1937.com