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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bang On Trend


I've had various hairstyles with bangs (a.k.a. a fringe) for most of my life. As a five-year-old, my bangs were short and thick. When I grew tired of my long-hair-in-all-one-length phase in the '90s, my bags were shortened and they became above the shoulder and side swept. As a twenty-something, they were cut in choppy layers just above chin length. My most recent foray into fringe-wearing is a slightly-below-the-brow-but-above-the-lashes blunt-cut style that I've been sporting since mid 2007. It's the thickest fringe I've ever had, and despite the snide comments from certain people close to me who don't like my bangs, I persist in keeping them. Every time I'm on the cusp of deciding to grow them out and sweep them to the side, I see an editorial or a fashion blogger with bangs and I'm inspired to keep mine. And then today, I opened the July issue of Elle to see the article pictured above, which extolls the virtues of bangs. It must be a sign...

In an effort to justify my decision to keep my blunt-cut bangs, I came up with a list of fringe benefits, so to speak. (Sorry, April Long for borrowing the title of your article for my list.)

1. With bangs, you don't have to maintain your brows as much, because they may be hidden from view. Less brow maintenance = more free time and money saved on threading, waxing, plucking, etc.

2. Having a fringe protects your forehead from the sun's rays, thereby staving off wrinkles and sun damage. (But it's not a reason to stop wearing sunblock.)

3. When you're feeling shy or anti-social, you can use your bangs to hide behind. Put on some large sunglasses, and your face is mostly hidden, if so desired.

4. With bangs, your eye area may be covered, so you can wear less eye makeup. (I'm a fan of minimal makeup, so this is a huge plus for me.) Less eye makeup = less time spent getting ready and less irritation when makeup gets in your eye.

5. When worn in a way that complements your face shape, bangs have the effect of making you appear younger. Who over the age of twenty-something doesn't want to look younger?