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Friday, May 7, 2010

Mini Trend Report: Summer 2010 Denim & Footwear

Denim is a wardrobe staple. Practically everyone has it in their closet. This season, it's taking on an Americana theme, especially when paired with fringed accessories, Little House on the Prairie-inspired calico prints, and clogs. The best news is that denim is not just for jeans. At the retail level, denim is showing up in many incarnations, on everything from hats and handbags to strapless dress, flirty skirts, and worn-in chambray tops.

ruffled denim skirt

strapless denim dress

double denim

Despite what some fashion journalists are writing, summer 2010 footwear is all about the high heel. (Anyone else find kitten heels impossible to walk in?) Whether they take the form of aggressive five inch wedges, four inch platform pumps, or intricately strappy stilettoes, heels are here and they're ruling the stores. Of particular note are cut-out styles, lace-up details, and embellishments in the form of studs, jewels, beads, and buckles.

studded shield wedge sandals

lace-up peep toe wedges

cut out heels