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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trend on the Rise - Tropical Temptation

It's almost May and I can't wait for warm summer weather. Despite not being outdoorsy, I can still appreciate a bright and sunny day at the beach (as long as it involves some form of biking or walking). Hence my recent affinity for tropical prints. They're getting me in the mood for summer, and right now, they're the perfect antidote to this breezy, cloudy weather that's making me want to stay indoors. Channel a tropical beach vibe with bright hibiscus prints, tropical hues such as turquoise, electric orange, and fuchsia, and anything inspired by Hawaiian landscapes, especially swimwear. Below are my favorite of-the-moment picks for looking like you're ready for a tropical vacation.

tropical prints

images from forver21.com, ardenb.com, topshop.com, motelrocks.com & urbanog.com