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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Review of Zac Posen for Target

I spent a few minutes at Target this afternoon inspecting the Zac Posen for Target collection a day before the April 25th release date. I found the racks to be thoroughly picked through, with the tuxedo jacket, tie dye tank dress, and black prom dress being the most scarce. A handful of interested young female shoppers admired the goods, and one even made a call to inform her friend that "Zac Posen is here early." As I browsed, an employee was placing armfuls of go-backs on the racks, and she informed me that each piece had probably been "tried on ten times already." Given that quite a few items went back on the racks, that led me to believe that customers weren't buying much, but were trying many items on. Here is what the slightly disheveled racks looked like around 1pm.
Zac Posen for Target

Zac Posen for Target

Zac Posen for Target

Zac Posen for Target

Zac Posen for Target

Zac Posen for Target
I was told the merchandise was placed on the floor overnight, meaning that it had only been available for about five hours before I arrived. I grabbed five of my top picks and took some photos in the fitting room.

First up, the lipstick tank in size XS, one of the least expensive pieces in the line. Priced at $16.99, it has a textured finish, racerback silhouette, is made of 97% cotton and 3% spandex, and is slightly sheer. I'd layer this over a black lace tank top and tuck it into a body con skirt for a night out or layer it under a printed cardigan and pair with jeans for daytime.
Zac Posen for Target lipstick tank top

The polka dot dress, priced at $39.99, is made of a sturdy cotton fabric, and drapes nicely, creating an hourglass silhouette. I didn't like the cutaway sleeve styling in the back, I found the front to be too low cut, and the zipper to be of poor quality. Although I generally liked the dress, the combination of pink and polka dots proved to be a bit too girly for my taste.
Zac Posen for Target polka dot dress
The snap tape dress was by far my favorite item. Although the price ($69.99) was steep, I appreciated the snap tape detail, the fitted waist, and the flattering flared silhouette. Supposedly, it can be customized with the snaps, but I didn't experiment with that. My only concerns with this dress are the side zip, which is a pain in the neck due to the bad quality, and the visible bra issue (although some layering might solve that).
Zac Posen for Target snap tape dress
I have to admit that Nicky Hilton made the 100% polyester tiger print dress look great. The vibrant colors and eye-catching print will definitely turn some heads. In the fitting room, I found it incredibly difficult to put on, as it has a barely attached slip underneath, a tricky back zipper, and a fabric tie on the upper back. It draped beautifully and made me feel glamorous, however, which is more than I can say (or write) about previous Go International collections. I'd remove the fabric tie belt and use a studded belt for a more personalized look. Overall, a decent dress for $39.99 if you're patient while putting it on. (There's also a cotton racerback tank top in cotton with the same bold tiger print.)
Zac Posen for Target tiger print dress

Although I had no intention of spending $79.99 on the prom dress, I couldn't resist trying it on. Here it is without the removable piece. It has an edgy cage-like structure and bell shape, which I was drawn to. Once again, the zipper was tricky due to its cheap fabrication, making it a challenge to put on.
Zac Posen for Target black prom dress

Zac Posen for Target black prom dress

Below is the same dress with the ruffled polyester piece attached. I wasn't crazy about the shiny fabric or the navy hue, and it didn't feel like it was on very securely. I wanted to see the red version of the dress, however, my store didn't stock it. Just like with the tiger print dress, this one made me feel glamorous. Too bad I'd have nowhere to wear it. For others, it would be perfect for prom, parties, and dressier events.
Zac Posen for Target black prom dress

Zac Posen for Target black prom dress
Surprisingly, the black pleated skirt, which I didn't try on, looked like a quality piece. Made of hefty polyester, it appeared well sewn and worth its $39.99 price tag.
Zac Posen for Target black skirt
I didn't bother trying on the red t-shirt, either. For the right person, I think it would make a fun shirt for pairing with skirts and jeans.
Zac Posen for Target red t shirt
Lastly, here's the Michael Jackson-inspired red leather jacket, the most expensive piece at $199.99. I pulled an XS off the rack, proceeded to unzip it, and it got stuck. Upon closer inspection, I observed that the zipper teeth weren't lined up, so I gave up. I tried again with a S, got it open, tried it on, and took a quick photo. It felt ok, was nicely lined, and had suede sleeves, but the tricky zipper was a deal breaker.
Zac Posen for Target red leather jacket
My overall observations based upon the pieces I saw:
1. Zippers were very cheap and difficult to manage in this collection.
2. Dresses run small compared to other Go International collections - so size up if you're unsure. I typically wear XS or 3, and I sized up to S and 5 on some pieces.
3. The safety pin print gown is incredibly long. It would fit a woman of 5'10" with 4" heels nicely. Everyone else might have to have it hemmed, or let it trail on the ground. Perhaps a shorter version of this dress would've appealed to more customers.
4. The polka dot dress and tiger print dress are well tailored and ultra feminine.
5. Colors and prints are true to Zac's playful, vibrant aesthetic.
6. Prices seem to be generally higher than previous Go collections. Two dresses for $69.99, two for $79.99, and one for $74.99 - maybe a bit more than typical Target customers might want to pay, especially if polyester is involved.
7. The pleated black skirt, brocade skirt, and brocade dress are all made of sturdy, structured fabric, making them appear luxe.
8. Overall a dressy, fun collection with a variety of bold prints and some party-appropriate pieces.