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Monday, April 5, 2010

Five Trends To Watch for Spring 2010

As I sort through hundreds of trend spotting photos that I've collected in March and April, some predominant retail trends have risen to my attention. Here are the five that I'm currently seeing everywhere from Angl and Urban Outfitters to Forever 21, Guess, and Zara.

1. Embellished necklines are popping up on knit tops and dresses. Opt for one if you want to draw attention to this area or you'd like to forgo wearing a necklace.

embellished necklines

2. Bold prints are an easy way to make a strong statement. Be sure to keep the accessories neutral and understated in order to keep the focal point on the print.

bold prints

3. Refined military is a sophisticated take on the old military trend. Swap slouchy cargo pants and band jackets from past seasons for sleek, utilitarian trousers in khaki or olive green, tailored cargo jackets or vests, and lace-up boots in luxe materials.

refined military

4. Express your girly side and celebrate the onset of spring in a floral print. Whether it's a pair of floral flats, a flirty pencil skirt, or a fabric belt, it's hard not to feel cheerful while wearing a fun floral.

floral prints

5. Wearing lightweight layers is a stylish and practical way to transition from winter to spring. Add diaphanous scarves for a bit of warmth or shed outer layers when temperatures rise.

lightweight layers

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