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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trend Spotting - Abstract Prints

It seems as though each spring, certain prints take center stage on the trend cycle: nautical stripes, dainty florals, preppy gingham, polka dots, worldly ethnic prints, and abstract designs. When it comes to prints, although I'm unabashedly drawn to florals, stripes, and animal motifs, abstract prints also appeal to me. Recent window displays and magazine editorials that I've seen have sparked in me a new desire to wear an abstract print skirt with a gauzy blouse, printed scarf, cropped trench, woven belt, and straw hat. I imagine the look to capture some sort of eclectic mix of textures and fabrics for that whole world traveler/modern bohemian vibe. Below are some of my sources for inspiration with abstract prints.

abstract print skirt

abstract print skirt

Love Culture printed dress

abstract print leggings

abstract print skirt

abstract print dress