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Monday, March 8, 2010

I Like to Bike

Like many other people, I gasped in delight when I first saw the photo of the floral-printed Liberty of London for Target bicycle. Unlike many other people, however, I ride a bike about 40 miles per week. It started in the summer of '08. Sick of my treadmill and elliptical workouts at home, I dusted off an old mountain bike and began riding several days per week on a trail. Soon I sold the mountain bike and traded up for a lighter, faster hybrid - a Trek 7.3fx. As much as I love and adore my Trek, I wanted something with better suspension and cuter styling, so I bought a sky blue Schwinn hybrid for joyriding at the beach, where I can enjoy a smoother, slower ride. I currently alternate between my two bikes depending on where and how long I'm riding. While I grew up riding cruisers like the Liberty of London for Target bike, disappointment sank in when I took a closer look at the photo and saw that it was indeed a cruiser, and not a hybrid like I was hoping. As much as I ride, I live in a hilly area, so a cruiser is impractical and ill-suited to my riding habits. (I need multiple gears and a bike under 25 lbs!) At this point, I'm even considering trading up from a hybrid to a pricier, lighter road bike so I can ride 40 miles per day instead of 40 miles per week. In any case, I'll still be admiring (but not buying) the gorgeous and girly floral printed cruiser, fenders and all.


above, Liberty of London for Target floral-printed cruiser and the awesome Trek 7.3fx hybrid
images via target.com and trek.com