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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The February 2010 Wish List

Amidst following the endless online coverage of NY Fashion Week and taking care of all of my regular responsibilities, I've somehow managed to accrue another wish list of things I'm coveting for spring. Hand bracelets (or slave bracelets, as I call them) have finally made it to Forever 21's website, and I'm thrilled. My preference for platform wedges of five inches or more continues, as does my fondness for quilted crossbody bags. Maxi tube skirts have only recently caught my attention, and I imagine styling one in a sporty way, with a cropped anorak, striped tee, and some summery peep-toe wedges.

spring 2010 fashion trends

images from forever21.com, asos.com, stevemadden.com, topshop.com, & dorothyperkins.com