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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Window Appreciation

Recent shopping excursions have got me thinking about visual merchandising and how efficient it is in drawing me into a store. The idea is to create displays that will lure shoppers in and get them to buy. Well this doesn't always work for me. Sometimes when I'm shopping, I get a case of sensory overload. Does this happen to anyone else? There may be the savory smell of Cinnabon's sweet treats wafting through the mall, music playing disturbingly loud inside the mall or its stores, kiosk employees offering up the latest lotion samples, and plenty of colorful merchandise to ogle. I may be so overwhelmed or distracted by all of this that I fail to appreciate certain store window displays. Too often, I drift into the stores in which I shop regularly without taking the time to pause and truly appreciate the visuals. On the seldom occasion that I'm walking past a store and something catches my eye, I won't hesitate to go in and further inspect a specific item. It's these rare cases that visual merchandising has succeeded in its goal of bringing me into the store. The next step - getting me to buy - is a bit more difficult. Lest I ramble on and on, this brings me to two points: 1.) I will try to spend more time inspecting store visuals and appreciating them more, and 2.) I've photographed an abundance of prints in stores this month.

As we anticipate the new batch of trends that spring 2010 will bring, I've noticed that print-wise, both stripes and florals are strong, with the nautical/military influence and Parisian stripe/floral/polka dot mix showing up everywhere from Ann Taylor and Forever 21 to Urban Outfitters and Topshop. Below are some looks that have inspired me to go crazy for both florals and stripes.