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Friday, January 15, 2010

Trend On The Rise - Clogs


Upon mention of the word clogs, images of my mother in her hippie heydays instantly come to mind. Long middle-parted hair, a headband of flowers, and a gauzy white bell-sleeved maxi dress complement her clog-adorned feet. Naturally, everything comes back into style, so although my mother has long since gotten rid of her amazing shoes from the '70s and '80s, more modern styles aren't hard to find. Case in point - Jeffrey Campbell, my favorite maker of affordable and on-trend footwear, has created a Chanel-esque clog perfect for spring. This version, called "Charlie," comes with a sturdy wood sole, a solid five inch heel, and a strap that can be worn two different ways. Now that's my kind of clog. When paired with a relaxed bouse and distressed shorts or a floaty mini dress, it gives off a modern yet bohemian vibe that's ideal for spring's mild weather. In anticipation of next season, I've wasted no time in placing my order. If the natural color (available for $126 at Lori's Shoes) doesn't appeal to you, the "Charlie" clog is also available in tan and in black at Singer22 for $150.