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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On My Radar - JPG for Target

You may have seen the grainy images of Jean Paul Gaultier's collection for Target that were leaked last week, prompting the release of the complete lookbook on Friday. I must admit that I was much more excited upon seeing the grainy images than the underwhelming looks from the lookbook. Flipping through the thin February issue of Elle that just landed on my doorstep, I saw the source of those grainy images on pages 208 and 209. Styled with Falke tights, mid-calf Docs, and studded Bess boots, the collection looks slightly edgy and intriguing. In the two-page feature, Anne Slowey sings the praises of Gaultier's design aesthetic and his love for American culture. Gaultier says that he wanted to "make a tribute to the American women by the pop stars and movie icons who've influenced me." The Designer Collaboration collection, which will be available March 7 through April 11, will include a tattoo print shirt for $27, a cropped leather jacket for $200, a striped bustier dress and shrug for $40, and a chic trench coat for $60.

I predict a frenzy over the trench coat and the leather jackets akin to the leopard faux fur jacket and sequin ribcage dress in Rodarte's collection for Target. (Hopefully, Jean Paul Gaultier's collection for Target won't get immediately snatched up by hungry ebay sellers in their quest to make a profit.) I also predict that in true Target form, they'll hold a pop-up shop in NYC so shoppers can preview and purchase the merchandise before the masses. (Hey Target, how about one in L.A. that's not driven by the presence of celebrities?)

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target