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Monday, December 14, 2009

Trend On The Rise - Chain Details

If you're suffering from an overdose of studs as embellishments, then the recent proliferation of chains might be a suitable alternative. Equally as tough as studs, they make quite the statement when added to your favorite tee, belt, pair of boots, or handbag. The great thing about chains is that if you're considering a DIY project, they're easy and inexpensive to add with the help of either some small safety pins or a quick session with the needle and thread. The options are endless - add some to your favorite denim vest, use them to inject some attitude to your knee high socks, or toughen up a simple sweatshirt by adding some thin layered chains. Below are some of my favorite fast fashion picks from the sites that I browse most often.

chain details on clothing

images from forever21.com, motelrocks.com, wetseal.com, bebe.com & bakersshoes.com