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Friday, November 6, 2009

Feelin' Green

On a whim, I decided to purchase some green nail polish last night from Forever 21. Admittedly, I didn't have high expectations on the quality, as I typically don't get more than a day or two of wear before my manicures begin to chip. In my long-term quest for the perfect shade of trendy Chanel-ish Jade, I've purchased several shades of green over the past few months. First there was a pastel hue (reminiscent of mint chip ice cream and South Beach architecture) by OPI called Gargantuan Green Grape, but I didn't like the yellow undertones. So my hunt for the ideal shade continued. I went on to buy Green Glow by Milani (which has more of an olive green cast) and then Tahitian Green (which is green-blue) by a brand I'd never heard of called CQ.

green nail polish

Of all of these, the Forever 21 version is actually my favorite.

jade nail polish

It's called Jade and it's by L.A. Girl. The brush is small (which I like because I have small nails), and the color goes on evenly. It also dries quickly and seems to be holding up fine with the clear base coat, two layers, and the top coat that I added. Not bad for $2.80!