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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


With the holiday party season fast approaching, I've been on the lookout for fun, on-trend dresses. I've become slightly bored with the floral strapless, full-skirted styles that I stocked up on this summer. Right now I'm drawn to solid colors and anything with cutouts, multiple straps, and a sleek body-hugging silhouette. While browsing Bebe's website last night, I came upon these three party-appropriate selections that I'm drawn to.

Bebe dresses

The Cross Beaded Banded dress on the left has inspired a possible future DIY project. If I get motivated, I could use the eyelet (a.k.a. grommet) tape I bought in September and stitch it to a strapless top or tube dress for a similar effect. The Strut It mini dress appeals to me because it features my two favorite colors, blue and black. The low price point also has me on the verge of buying. How awesome would this dress look with textured tights, an armful of sparkly bangles, and towering wedge ankle boots? On the opposite end of the price spectrum, the Colorblock Cutout dress would be a splurge, but I how can I resist the sultry peek-a-boo effect of the strappy details?