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Monday, October 19, 2009

The Short List

Admittedly I've become obsessed with height ever since I wore my towering Ashish for Topshop zebra wedges for the first time. I just love the extra six inches of height that those ankle boots give me. Somehow I feel stronger and more commanding while wearing them. As a petite person, I've heard the comment "you're short" one too many times. Yes, I know that I'm short, and just about the only thing I can do to counteract it is to: 1) wear heels or 2) wear clothing that makes me appear to be taller. So while I can only dream of being blessed with height, I've got to recognize that there are actually some benefits to being petite. For example:

1. I can shop in the Boys' department at Target for perfect-fitting cropped trousers worthy of the French fashion editor look.
2. Although I'm not a teenager, I can still fit into Juniors' sizes.
3. Sitting in coach on long flights is slightly more comfortable with shorter legs.
4. That person sitting in front of me in coach should be thankful that I'm not jamming my knees into their seat.
5. If needed, I can fit into small spaces.
6. I can wear tunics and long tops as dresses.
7. I can indulge in of-the-moment towering platforms in my search for the perfect five to six inch go-with-anything shoes for fall's cool weather.