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Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Nails

With some time on my hands and newly found inspiration courtesy of the Jimmy Choo for H&M ad campaign, I opted to kill an hour's time by attempting a snow leopard manicure at home. In order to get an idea for what I was in for, I tried to watch some instructional videos on YouTube, but quickly became bored and just gave it a go. How hard could it be, anyway?

leopard manicure

For those of you who want to attempt this manicure, here's how I did it...I began with a clear base coat, then applied two coats of Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails in White On. After that dried, I randomly placed tiny drops of gray for the spots with Revlon's Steel-her Heart. Lastly, I used a Sally Hansen nail art pen in Black to meticulously draw thin outlines around each gray spot. The result is quite eye-catching...

leopard manicure

I think that the smaller and more irregular the spots are, the better the manicure looks. So no worries if you haven't got a steady hand! When I become tired of looking at this manicure in a day or two, I think I may attempt it in brown/gold/black or maybe even pale pink/fuschia/red.