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Monday, October 5, 2009

Dress Code

It's that time of year again when my birthday is on the horizon and I envision what I'll be doing to celebrate, where I'll be, who I'll be hanging out with, and most importantly, what I'll be wearing. As a clothes horse, I probably place too much significance on the "what I'll be wearing" aspect of the equation, but what I'm wearing directly affects how I feel, and for my birthday, I certainly want my outfit to make a strong statement.

On the topic of the perfect birthday ensemble, I found a jaw-droppingly lustworthy dress while browsing Bebe's new online magazine last month. Equal parts rocker chick and Fall '09 Prada-esque glam, it's called the "slashed dress", and it's exactly what I want to wear for a celebratory night out on the town. I'd style it with a slightly smoky eye, teased hair, some opaque black tights, a few rhinestone bracelets, and the highest platform heels I own. For day, I might dress it down with a sleek/low ponytail, faded denim moto jacket, charcoal leggings, and perhaps some Chucks. Unfortunately, it's not presently in stock on the website, so it may take some effort to hunt it down. (Oh yeah, to any of my friends/family who read this blog, this dress would sure make a great birthday gift!)

studded and slashed Bebe warrior dress

image via bebe.com